Why us?

Okay, we aren't the only option out there.  You have ad agencies, production companies, digital companies and entertainment companies all competing with us for your assignment.  We think we do it better. Here's why...

Most advertising agencies are big, slow and expensive.  It's not their fault.  They're full of smart people working hard.  They just have a lot of overhead and infrastructure.  Multiple layers of approval, expensive rent, tons of process and meetings, and a few juniors doing the actual work.  Do you want that?

Production companies come in all types.  Most of the good ones are used to humongous budgets and aren't that interested in doing things on a tighter budget.  And when they do, they usually give you the B team.  Then there are the scrappy, young internet-based production companies. Most are a bunch of dudes just out of college, without any real experience building brands and working with clients.  That's not what you need.

Entertainment companies look at brands like a bank. You are a means to an end. Somebody to pay the bills for their creative vision.  And for most jobs, they hire a separate team to do the branded work.  These are people who aren't experienced at building brands or doing brilliant content. They sound sexy (Hey, I worked with the company that did that cool show!), but once you sober up, you realize they aren't who you thought they were.

What we offer is a pool of top creative talent, experience in producing and directing great work and a price that is less than the others with our skill set.  It's not that we're cheap, we're just more efficient.  So, um, hire us.