we build a custom tent for
whatever size project you have. 

We work backwards from your budget and build the best tent we can for the money.  It is a bespoke process. Once we know the size of the project, and the brief, we put up the tent, bring in the proper performers and put on the show. And that entire cast of talent stays with your project from start to finish, collaborating to make your work as good as it can be. Then, as soon as we've made everyone happy, the tent comes down and everybody goes home.  This is what allows us to move quickly, and stay efficient.  

We don't like surprises.  So we have a process we go through prior to the job that helps us understand exactly what you want and need.  It includes a series of questions that allow us to set the tone of the film, informs the casting and lets us know prior to production where the hot spots are.  We also go through the budget with you prior to booking the job, so we properly set expectations as to what is realistic, and unrealistic, based on your tent size.